Unique combination possibilities


Ubi (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence) is our brand-new, state-of-the-art reservation tool for small, medium-sized and international companies wishing to manage their business travel in a cost-efficient and streamlined manner. 

Ubi lets you combine different airlines seamlessly e.g. combining regular and low-cost airlines.


 An outbound flight with airline X and a return journey with airline Y. Within many classic travel booking systems this is technically impossible but Ubi gets it done in the blink of an eye.


 The combination of two one-way tickets is also something that is automatically proposed by the Smart Ticketing Technology. Sometimes this can yield a significant cost advantage.


Uniglobe - Online booking tool - Combination of different airlines or one-ways



Ubi - Uniglobe Booking Intelligence - De online booking tool van Uniglobe"You have access to a powerful booking module that offers unique combination possibilities that are rarely available in other systems.”





Uniglobe - Online booking tool - gratis demo


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