Full integration with Uniglobe Profiles



Ubi (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence) is our brand-new, state-of-the-art reservation tool for small, medium-sized and international companies wishing to manage their business travel in a cost-efficient and streamlined manner. 

Ubi is linked with Uniglobe Profiles. In Uniglobe Profiles important personal details such as those of the passport or Frequent Flyer cards are stored.


 Personal travel preferences such as vegetarian in-flight meals or preferred seats can also be stored.


 The permanent and bilateral synchronisation between Ubi and Uniglobe Profiles make all relevant data easy to exchange and manage.


 Needless to say the strict GDPR and PCI Compliancy requirements are met.


 Ubi can also be linked to expense supplier systems, duty of care and risk management applications.



Ubi - Uniglobe Booking Intelligence - De online booking tool van Uniglobe"Your relevant personal details and personal travel preferences are safely and efficiently stored and exchanged between Ubi and Uniglobe Profiles, saving a tremendous amount of red tape."






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