Our unique approach


Uniglobe guarantees a personalised and efficient service custom-tailored to your business or organisation. Thanks to our special structure our customers benefit from the strength of our international network coupled with a hands-on approach. We are not an anonymous call centre but an organisation of entrepreneurs who are at your beck and call 24/7.


Dedicated contact



At Uniglobe you can count on a travel expert who is familiar with your preferences, who can respond to changing circumstances immediately and is ready to offer assistance at a moment’s notice. 


Service & Expertise



Our employees frequently enrol in training programmes to keep up with the latest business travel trends, enabling us to guarantee the very best service that also meets your travel needs. This personal and flexible collaboration method helps us build strong relationships with all our customers. Moreover, flexibility and a customer-centric approach are self-evident to our employees. Business travellers receive constant tips and advice to help them save more without compromising on travel comfort.


24/7 Rescue line



We invest in strong relationships with business travellers and that is why our team is always ready to assist you via phone or email. Do you have a question or are you faced with an unexpected problem before, during or after your trip? Our Uniglobe experts are always ready to help you find a workable solution.


Getting acquainted



The collaboration with your company starts long before the first actual booking. Our account management team will schedule a meeting in advance to get to know (and understand) your business needs and culture; your input will help us develop or refine a specific travel policy for your business.


Review meeting & reporting



We make sure your travellers don’t have to worry about a thing when they leave on their business trip but we also attach great importance to the feedback we receive during a Review Meeting because this allows us to fine-tune your traveller profile and further improve our service. What’s more, we present our customers with a detailed Travel Management Report, a transparent analysis enabling them to further optimise their travel expenses.


Supplier Analysis & Negotation



Your Uniglobe travel expert constantly analyses your expenses in order to maximise your value for money. Thanks to the strong relationship Uniglobe has built over the years with the leading suppliers in the industry we can secure discount schemes for our customers.


Travel Management for multinationals



Our extensive regional network makes us the ideal partner for countless Belgian companies but we also implement a dedicated approach for multinationals that guarantees an unrivalled experience in terms of travel management. Through our Global Solutions division we cater to the unique business travel needs of multinationals looking for ideas, flexibility, transparency and reliability. Uniglobe’s global network opens up a world of opportunities for multinational corporations.