Roadmap to a balanced Travel Policy


1) Map out all the travel expenses


Gain insight into all costs involved in business travel. This isn’t limited to the price of the plane ticket but also includes accommodations, insurance, transfers and ancillary services. What expenses are attributed to the business trip and what expenses are borne by the traveller? Don’t lose sight of hidden costs in this regard.

Uniglobe roadmap to a balanced travel policy - travel expenses



2) Map out potential risks


Uniglobe roadmap to a balanced travel policy - map out potential risks

The world is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable. That is why it’s essential to consider the potential risks of a business trip. Even the most experienced traveller can be confronted with situations he/she hasn’t encountered before. Draw up guidelines for their safety and health and determine who is responsible for the duty-of-care programme.


3) Gear divisions to each other


The organisation and purchase of business trips involves numerous departments. Purchase and Finance but also HR and the travelling employee himself/herself must all play their part. This process starts with actively and constantly keeping travellers up-to-date on the policy and involving them in its establishment. When a policy has been elaborated, have the highest executive level sign off on it and disseminate it. This gives the travel policy weight within the organisation and employees will be quicker to respect the rules.

Uniglobe roadmap to a balanced travel policy - gear divisions to each other



4) Limit the fragmentation of travel data


Uniglobe roadmap to a balanced travel policy - fragmentation

More and more often, reservations are being made via multiple channels, making it harder to stay up-to-date on reservation data. This is prevented by bringing together this data from different sources in a central location. New technological aids such as Uniglobe’s online booking tool provide a solution here.


5) Use Uniglobe Booking Intelligence for the integration of your travel policy



Respecting the internal travel policy can be a fully automated process and exceptions can be dealt with flexibly in accordance with clear acceptance rules. An easy way to do this is via our online booking tool UBI (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence). 

Uniglobe roadmap to a balanced travel policy - online booking tool